2 KG Co2 Portable Fire Extinguisher ( Agni Shield)

Available Sizes:  2 KG 4.5 KG

Product Specification

2 Kg
Operating Temperature
-30 DegreeC to +60 DegreeC
Fire Rating
21 B
Agni Shield
Hose Material


Application Area
Key Features
Techniclal Specifications
Model AS Co2 - 2
Capacity (in kg) 2
Filling Ratio 0.667
Type of Extinguishing Media Co2 Gas Conforming to IS:15222
Expellant Self
Brand Agni Shield
Hose Material PVC
Certifications ISO, CE, ISI
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 95
Minimum Throw (in metres) More Than 1
Minimum Discharge Time (in seconds) More than 8
Operating Position Upright
Operating Temperature Range (in Celsius) (-)30 to (+)60
Service Pressure 150 bar
Operating Valve (IS 3224) Squeeze Grip / Wheel Type
Fire Rating 21B