Heat Detector



In its most basic form, a heat detector is a device that has been protecting those within the building from the threat of an upcoming fire. As heat is the primary element produced when a fire starts, this operates more effectively than smoke detectors. When installed on the walls of rooms, hallways, elevators, and numerous other locations. A small spark that burns something causes the room to heat up, which is immediately detected by a heat detector and alerts the main fire control panel or the fire alarm that something is amiss in the affected area. It makes a loud noise to warn everyone inside the room so that nobody gets trapped in the fire and can escape before it does any damage.

Rate of Rise cum Fix Temperature type Operating Voltage DC (10.830) V
Dual LED for 360 degree visibility Frequency 3-5 Seconds
2 wire based detector visibility Heat Sensitivity 135 F/ROR
Advance algorithms provides advanced Reset Voltage Less than 1 volt
Detection discrimination Reset time Less than 1 sec
Easy installation Alarm indication 2 continuous emitting red LEDs
Low maintenance Start up current 100 UA
High immunity against unwanted alarms Alarm current (Max) 50 mA
Stable heat chamber No adjustment or replacement required Stand by current 40 UA
Dimension Dia 100mm, ht 46mm.

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