Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Portable Fire Extinguishers

Capacity:  2 KG 4.5 KG



IS - 15683

Electronic equipment in any organization creates its backbone, as several daily activities depend on its proper function. Fire at such a place can not only result in huge financial loss but can also shut down all business operations.

Keeping these facts in mind, we have created Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Portable Fire extinguishers that are hard on fire but easy on operations. These extinguishers displace fire-fueling Oxygen from the surroundings, suffocating fire through a blanket effect. Being gas-based and electrically non-conductive, they don’t affect any of your sensitive electronic equipment. There are two distinct capacities for CO2 Portable Fire extinguisher: 2 kg and 4.5 kg.

Key Features


Model AS Co2- 4.5 AS Co2 - 2
Capacity (in kg) 4.5 2
Filling Ratio 0.667 0.667
Type of Extinguishing Media Co2 Gas Conforming to IS:15222 Co2 Gas Conforming to IS:15222
Expellant Self Self
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 95 95
Minimum Throw (in metres) More Than 2 More Than 1
Minimum Discharge Time (in seconds) More than 8 More than 8
Operating Position Upright Upright
Operating Temperature Range (in Celsius) (-)30 to (+)60 (-)30 to (+)60
Operating Valve (IS 3224) Squeeze Grip / Wheel Type Squeeze Grip / Wheel Type
Fire Rating 55B 21B