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Somya Pyrotek Services is the most reputable and trustworthy supplier of hand-operated & Electrical sirens for our valued clients and customers. We understand exactly how to meet the needs of our clients by offering them premium fire & safety products.

Hand Operated Sirens

When there is no external power source available, hand-operated sirens are used. The handle produces a universally recognized low-frequency sound as soon as it is rotated. These are portable and can be carried along because they don’t require an external power source.

Mostly used in:

When used properly, hand-operated sirens have the following advantages:

  1. Multipurpose: Hand-operated sirens can be utilized in emergency vehicles, factories, building sites, public buildings, schools, military bases, and outdoor warning systems, among other settings.
  2. Performance: Hand-operated sirens generate a loud, recognizable sound that works well in a range of circumstances to draw people’s attention.
  3. Usability: Hand-operated sirens are simple to operate; all that’s needed to turn a crank or handle is to activate them.
  4. Portability: Hand-operated sirens are lightweight and do not need an electrical power source, they can be used in locations without consistent or accessible power.

Electrical Sirens

The electric sirens provided by Somya Pyrotek Services are of the highest quality. Fire spreads exponentially, which makes it unique. The number of casualties can be significantly reduced if evacuation can happen more quickly than it is growing. To tackle these circumstances, we presented a collection of electrical sirens. Due to their loud alarm, these sirens aid in a more quick evacuation by spreading information about a fire. These electrical sirens are made to be dependable and effective emergency warning equipment.

The Electrical Siren that our company is offering is mostly used as a fire safety product in workshops, factories, banks, hospitals, textile mills, and oil and gas plants, among other places. A large sound with a frequency range of 8 to 10 km is produced in the event of a fire accident. It’s easy to install, robust, long-lasting, extremely efficient, and low maintenance.

Model Electric Operated Siren Hand Operated Siren
Alram Range 1/2 Mile to 5 km 1/2 Mile to 1.5 km
Operating Voltage 240 V / 440 V ------

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